The Healthy Oil Choice for Your Horse

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A Summary Of The Oils Available On The Market And The Healthy Choice For Your Horse

Most oils on the market including:
❌Rice Bran Oil (RBO)
❌Sunflower Oil
Are all deficient in Omega 3 and may increase an inflammatory responses, due to higher Omega 6 to Omega 3 levels.
❌Coconut Oil contains no Omega 3.
Omega 3 cannot be made by the horse, they require it in their diet from fresh pasture or by adding to feed.
Fresh pasture contains higher amounts of Omega 3 to Omega 6.

Be sure to check the oil type on the label, vegetable oil is a generic term often used for a blend of the above oils that are high in Omega 6. They are exposed to chemicals/solvents to extract the oil and are very unnatural.

What about fish oil?
Oils containing fish oil are highly unpalatable for horses unless heavily processed. Horses evolved on grass not fish, so a plant based source of Omega 3 aligns with nature.
Many contain flavours or vegetable oil blends to mask the rancid fish smell.
Garlic is also used to mask the smell, but there is recent research to suggest that doses of garlic much less than first thought may negatively affect red blood cells in horses.

✅Omega 3 is essential for overall health particularly beneficial for brain, nerve and muscle function, the immune system, coat/skin, joints and hooves.

Dr. Juliet Getty – highly regarded and internationally respected, independent equine nutritionist writes –
“Omega 3s block the formation of inflammatory molecules that are readily formed from Omega 6s.
Take a close look at the fat sources you are feeding to confirm that enough Omega 3s are in the diet.”

CEN Oil is regarded as the best oil on the market for horses. It is a high quality linseed/flaxseed oil with

🇦🇺The multiple Australian Arabian Champion PHANTOM has over 150mL of CEN Oil added to his feed daily for his show prep and is thriving.

antioxidants, 100% natural, highly digestible, no chemicals or fillers and rich in Omega 3. (Lab proven high levels at room temperature)
Used successfully by pleasure to high performance horses Australia wide as a cool energy source of extra calories and an Omega 3 boost.

by Bryan Meggitt (BMedSc. PGCrtMedSc.)


2 Comments to “ The Healthy Oil Choice for Your Horse”

  1. Ann says :

    How much do I give a 7 year young, 15 hh purebred Quarter horse gelding? He is black and I am just starting with him to do Western Dressage. I do not want to heat him up or put weight on him. He is a good doer and is in a large paddock with a good amount of grass.

    1. Bryan says :

      Hi Ann,
      Thanks for making contact.
      We recommend 60mL/day for maintenance for the Omega 3 boost. CEN Oil’s nutritional profile is non-heating.
      ~CEN Team